Friday, October 1, 2010

An extensive list of franchises I'd like to see revived

Every now and then, I'll play a game and think. "Wow, this is fantastic: I would like to play more of this". Afterwards, much to my dismay, I realize there isn't any more. Discontinued, no longer supported and so on.  The kind of game that if you ask most people if they've played they'll give you a blank stare.

1. Battlezone: The first game was launched in 97' and was popular enough to recieve an expansion, Red Oddysey. The first game had a remarkably strong story for the time: You are Grizzly One, a hovertank commander, and part of the secret space force of the US Army. It's 1965-ish, and you have to scavenge for a material called bio-metal on the Moon, Mars, Titan, Io, and Venus and so on. Scavenged Bio-Metal can be recycled into vehicles, supplies and buildings at a "Recylcer". Multiplayer was either 1v1 recycler games or deathmatch

All you really need to know is you fight space-commies with a gun that shoots earthquakes.

Battlezone was followed up with Battlezone 2. Not nearly as strong a story, but the gameplay was vastly improved. You could have more then two recyclers in multiplayer, and that made for some seriously chaotic battles.

All in all, this is the only franchise I have ever played that has blended RTS with FPS, and does it really well.

2. Star Trek: Armada: An RTS game based on the Star Trek universe, like Battlezone above, it got a sequel with a better GUI, but weaker story. I loved mass-producing Akira-class, and going and fighting Borg. Multiplayer was a blast, the big problem was a few really, really broken strategies. Case in point: Nebula-Class spamming as Federation, or Transwarp spamming as the Borg.

More to come.


  1. Star Trek Armada is the one I agree with more, I can see an RTS remake working if given enough support

  2. battlezone would be the shit mayn

  3. Never played them :P might check them out :D

  4. Great post, keep it up Bro :)

  5. I wish Battlezone would come back!

    Revamping that would bring out so many gamers from the casual market...

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  6. Sounds like you're pretty into space games :P

  7. Now sure how well Battlezone would stand up today...but cool list!

  8. I remember when battlezone came out

  9. It is interesting!
    supportin you !

  10. I used to love Battlezone. I'd love to see a new one come out. By the way, the first one came out in 1980 and was an arcade game!